How do we make the guitar of our dreams?

Everything is based on a passion, the guitar, the idea, the Revolution, and in a dream that all of you count on your modular guitars.

The idea was born in Barcelona (Spain) from the mind of two brothers who are crazy about guitars.The manufacturing process of the modular guitars takes place completely in our workshop, ??taking care of each guitars we produce to the most. And we do it because in Pons we are all guitarists and we know what a guitar matters.

All the materials are the highest quality, as well as the manufacture and assembly that takes place in our workshop. This is how you get the sound for the Pons Revolution that many guitars envy.

How do our modular guitars work? – The Step by Step Process

The bodies of our modular guitars fit perfectly in any core with the idea of ??having the same guitar of different famous guitarists or different designs on the same instrument. The bodies of our modular guitars can easily be changed in 20 seconds. Go ahead to innovate in the world of music and create the guitar that best fits with your style.

It all starts with a piece of wood

The bodies waiting to be dressed

The Pons Core waiting to find the perfect match

How to choose between the cores?

We offer two types of modular guitars according to whether the user is a beginner or an expert in the world of guitars. If you want to learn to play, our range of STUDIO modular guitars is your range. Otherwise, if you already know how to play the guitar and  you want a guitar with high quality elements, STAGE guitar cores are the ones you should look at.

Life is a learning process

Our goal, to achieve your dreams

Where the process starts over

In addition, for each range we have two differentiated models with different technical characteristics: the Jan model and the Pol model. We encourage you to join us in this adventure for innovation in music!

Meet the entire collection of REVOLUTION guitars

The PONS REVOLUTION collection is the perfect combination you are looking for.