Buy Guitars for junior : Pons STUDIO

If you’re looking forward to learning to play the guitar, our range of cheap guitars “Pons Studio” is your ideal choice. If you still  have not got your Pons guitar,buying the whole instrument will be cheaper than buying it in parts. Check the model you like the most and choose between our Jan range and our Pol range. With us you can buy guitars for junior at a reasonable price and with an incredible sound quality.

Have all the guitars in one and always with an incredible sound quality.To make it easy for you to compare and decide between our two ranges Jan and Pol, we provide you the following comparison table: 

Neck Profile:CC
Machine Head:Grover 102-18C102-18C
Nut witdh:42mm43mm
Pickups:Wilkinson WOVSWilkinson WOHHB
Bridge:Wilkinson WOV02Tune’O’Matic w/stopbar
Core Body:(Maple) Black(Maple) Black
Strings:0.09 – 0.420.10 – 0.46
Tuning pegs:Chrome (6L)Chrome (3L + 3R)


Buy guitars for junior with us and make the difference in an innovative way with the only modular electric guitar with interchangeable bodies.

Do you already have a Pons Guitars?

Take a look at our interchangeable 20 seconds guitar bodies inspired by rock legends. We love music and we are guitarists so we are really passionate about offering you this innovative idea: all the guitars you dream of in one.

Are you an expert guitarist and you want higher quality?

In that case, our Pons Stage is your range. You will see that the accessories and elements of your guitar has specific brands, providing an amazing experience and sound quality.

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