Shipping costs

The shipping costs will be € 8.00 (VAT included) for shipments in 24 hours in the Spanish mainland. And € 5.00 (VAT included) for shipments 48 hours in the Spanish mainland. This is always applicable, unless there are existing promotions on the web that affect the shipping costs.
The shipping costs for the Balearic Islands will be € 8.00 (VAT included) and only in the 48 hours delivery mode.
Shipping costs outside of Spain will be the result of a cost table whose variables are the volume of the order and the country of destination. This amount will be reflected on the website when placing the order.
In situations of redirection of orders (that is, those in which delivery to the client is attempted more than 5 times and can not be carried out for reasons beyond PONS GUITARS and the courier service, but the impossibility of delivery is totally attributable to the customer and its lack of collaboration to facilitate delivery, such as when it is not available in the hours agreed between the and the courier company, when you do not want to provide the necessary ID for delivery to the company. courier service, etc.) From the 5 delivery attempt, and when the conditions mentioned above are met, PONS GUITARS reserves the right to charge the shipping costs in the subsequent delivery attempts to the customer.
Expenses incurred as a result of redirection will not be reimbursed if the client subsequently exercised his right to return the product.
In situations of redirection of orders, for reasons beyond PONS GUITARS and courier service, the impossibility of delivery in more than 7 deliveries, will be understood as withdrawal of contract, applying the provisions of paragraph 14, although they will be the customer’s account the costs caused by redirection.

Shipping Mode

The products purchased in PONS GUITARS will be sent to Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands, excluding the Community of the Canary Islands. PONS GUITARS also supplies products outside the national territory.
The order will be sent to the address you indicated at the time you made your purchase.
PONS GUITARS does everything possible to respect the delivery terms mentioned in the Portal. However, PONS GUITARS is not responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery or a loss of the package by yourself or for unforeseeable or insurmountable reasons or reasons of a force majeure.
In case you did not receive a package within the indicated period, an investigation will be carried out together with the carrier that could last several days. During this period, no return or reimbursement of the order can be made.
We advise you that upon receiving your package verify that everything is in accordance with your order and in perfect condition. If you detect any anomaly caused by the handling during your shipment, sign and indicate it by hand on the delivery note. You must indicate the incident you have as soon as possible at the following telephone number 902 20 06 55. Or by email to
Delivery conditions
For your safety, the courier will only deliver the order by hand, to the owner of the same and at the agreed delivery address. To do this, identification will be requested, showing your identification DNI.
It is preferable to indicate as the delivery address the one in which it can be located more easily in case of prolonged absences from the home.

Processing and Delivery Deadlines

Depending on the type of product and its processing, the delivery times * in the national territory of the order will be 24 hours if the customer requests the “Express” delivery method during working hours, and if the order has been made before 14 : 00 And it will be 48 hours if the client requests the “48 hours” delivery method during the working day and the order is placed before 2:00 p.m. This term may be longer due to causes beyond PONS GUITARS. If in case this happens, PONS GUITARS will communicate any delay that could affect the client as soon as possible.
(* Article 103 of RD 1/2007, of the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. “(…) The employer must execute the order no later than within 30 days from the day following that in which the consumer and user has given their consent to contract) “.