Pons Revolution is not a guitar, it’s the guitar of your  dreams.

 Our dream  was always to have a collection of electric guitars of different colors and shapes. The collection of the best electric guitars from the best manufacturers in the world and their favorite models. Definitely, we wanted them all in a single instrument and at an affordable  price.

This is how “Pons” was born, a totally versatile and distinct guitar. All the electric guitars in one, a unique idea in the world, the dream of every musician come true!

Our brand offers you the only versatile and interchangeable electric guitar in the world, convertible in different models. A collection of guitars in a single instrument, at a reasonable price for all musicians. Due to this, you can buy a single core guitar and as many guitar bodies as you wish. All of them are created to fit perfectly, making it possible for your guitar to change at the same time as your style.

“Pons Revolution” not only offers 2 different models of cores with different characteristics, the Jan model and the Pol model but also a lot of interchangeable bodies of different shapes and colors. You can have your guitar as you like, always with an amazing sound.

In addition, we have manufactured our electric guitars thinking of junior and experts guitarists. If you are learning to play a guitar, find your ideal guitar in the PONS STUDIO range and if you already know how to play a guitar look for a professional guitar in the PONS STAGE range.

Be authentic and make a difference with us.

Meet the entire collection of REVOLUTION guitars

The PONS REVOLUTION collection is the perfect combination you were looking for