How do we make the guitar of your dreams?

Everything is based on a passion, the guitar, on an idea, the Revolution, and in a dream, that all of you could count on your guitar. The idea was born in Barcelona (Spain) from the head of two brothers who are crazy about the guitar, David and Oscar Pons.

The manufacturing process takes place completely in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​caring and pampering each of the guitars to the fullest. And we do it because in Pons we are all guitarists and we know what a guitar matters. Your guitar

All the materials are of the highest quality, as well as the manufacture and assembly that takes place in our workshop. This is how you get a sound for the Pons Revolution that many guitars envy.

The Step by Step Process

It all starts with a piece of wood

The bodies waiting to be dressed

The Core of Pons waiting to find the perfect match

Life is a learning process

Our goal, to achieve your dreams

Where the process starts over

Meet the entire collection of REVOLUTION guitars

The PONS REVOLUTION collection is the perfect combination you were looking for